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Flexibility, Functionality, Versatility,

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We carefully handcrafted our templates with a strong focus on typography, usability and overall user-experience.


Our templates are not just 'Doctype', but are driven by both HTML5 and CSS3 semantic coding. We use clean, commented coding. All our template files are organized neatly in respective folders. We include many different page layouts. This flexibility allows you to create many different looks with one template.

jQuery Effects

Our templates include jQuery scripts which will provide your website with some pretty amazing effects, this may include parallax sliders, content sliders, jquery menus, accordians, image effects, Lightbox and more. You do not have purchase a separate license for each of these scripts. They are included FREE!

Shortcodes & Typography

Our templates include shortcodes that allow you to add unique content and functionality very easily to your web pages, without having to learn complex coding at all. Just copy and paste! We have highlighted some of the top shortcode features below. Click on the demo button to preview a feature in action.

Media Players

Now you can easily upload your favourite videos and playlists and play them on the HTML5 video and audio players included FREE with many of our templates. Play Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion videos and more.


All our templates include beautiful animated sliders that will make your header stand out from the rest.You can use 3D, Parallax, content sliders, accordian and easily customize them to your requirements.


Your website includes galleries and portfolios that are linked to Lightbox. This allows users to click on the thumbnail image and preview it in an animated bigger preview that fades in, instead of previewing on a separate page.

Custom CSS Buttons

The CSS3 buttons included with the templates come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. They are pure CSS, no javascript and no images used, very lightweight. They add a splash of color to your site.

Color Options

Some our templates come in a number of pre-defined colors each in a different folder to indicate a specific color layout. Also easily change the color of your template by changing the link ref to the CSS file, e.g. link href="css/green.css" rel="stylesheet".

CSS Tables

Now you can present your tabular information or pricing in beautiful tables. These CSS based tables come in different styles and color versions including hover states, tables tooltips, vertical and horizontal layouts.

Accordians and Tabs

Accordians and toggles are a great way to present a lot of information into a condensed form. Users can click on an icon to slide or toggle a box to reveal further information. Use this to highlight your product or service's best features.


Typography pages bring versatility to your site pages by providing examples of different content formatting such as drop caps, heading tags, lists, test styling and more. Just copy and paste the code to your pages.

Gallery Pages

Now easily present your portfolios and images with our gallery pages. Many different gallery layouts with different columns are included. Each thumbnail image is linked to a jQuery Lightbox preview. The gallery pages also beautiful include hover effects.

Working Contact form

Ajax and PHP Contact forms are an easy way for your clients and users to contact you. They make you look professional and are simple to setup. Many of our contact pages include Google maps. You need only change one line of code for the setup.

Grid Layouts

Present your content in a variety of layouts. Our template use grid layouts both fixed and fluid. You can insert your content in as many different columns and rows you require. Headers, footers, sidebars - all can be customized, copied and pasted into new pages.

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Google Webfonts

Customize your headings and text with hundreds of custom Google Web Fonts. Google Web Fonts is a completely free and super easy way to implement plain fonts on your website in a properly licensed and widely supported fashion that will look good.

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